Ken Boessenkool, MA (Economics), BMgt

Founding Partner

A bold, intuitive thinker, policy shaper and prolific writer, Ken cofounded Meredith Boessenkool to continue influencing policy and working to make the next chapter better for his fellow Canadians.

One of Canada’s leading policy strategists, Ken’s list of accomplishments is long including his recent stint as the J.W. McConnell Professor of Practice at the Max Bell School of Public Policy at McGill University, and his recurring role as Research Fellow at the CD Howe Institute.

While Ken has been front and centre in Canadian politics for almost three decades – working with Stephen Harper, Ralph Klein, Jim Dinning, Christy Clark, Stockwell Day, Ric McIver and many others – he remains most proud of the following stand-out initiatives that helped change people’s thinking and lives.

Over the course of his career, Ken has worked for and founded a variety of public affairs firms, played senior roles in provincial governments, was a senior regulatory economist with two electricity firms, and the architect of political campaigns nationally and in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

Ken’s also an enthusiastic outdoor daredevil, coffee chemist and never quite gave up on the dreams of his 10-year-old self to become a race car driver.

Michael Landry, BA (honours)

Senior Advisor

Taking people and organizations to heights they never thought possible is Michael’s superpower. His successes start with knowing how to navigate governments, their agencies, and other stakeholders. From there he helps clients overcome obstacles and realize those great heights by helping shape and execute their chosen strategies.

Inspired by Henry Kissinger’s ability to see clearly, articulate precisely and mediate immense global challenges from Middle East peace talks to diplomatic relations with China, Michael brings lessons learned from this approach to his client work. He believes in bringing people together, creating clarity and finding the aha moments that lead to strong solutions.

As part of the Meredith Boessenkool team, Michael looks forward to helping organizations lean into becoming policy shapers instead of policy takers, a skill he honed while first working in the diverse Ontario provincial ministries of Industry, Health, and Finance and when he was recruited by Manulife to create and manage an innovative government relations and public affairs shop.

When he’s not working to create wins for his clients, Michael is likely spending time with his family and friends or deep into the weekend papers, and a pot of black coffee, catching up on domestic and international affairs.

Nathan Rotman

Senior Advisor

A firm believer that you can’t solve a problem until you first define it and then get clarity on how solutions will impact real people, Nathan uses this thinking to intuitively create solutions for domestic and international clients.

Nathan’s significant political talents were first noted when he helped lead Jack Layton to historic victory in Toronto, winning an NDP seat in the city for the first time in 20 years. Since that time, he’s regularly racked up wins for political parties, governments, and private sector clients.

Known for his abilities to connect and communicate, Nathan notably helped lead Rachel Notley and Alberta’s NDP to power in 2015. He later served as Chief of Staff to Premier Notley, playing leading roles in negotiating and securing the 2015 CPP enhancement; negotiating the implementation of a heavy-emitter carbon tax; securing federal approval for the Trans Mountain pipeline and later negotiating the purchase of that pipeline with the federal government; mounting a campaign to support pipelines and oil sands development; negotiating city charters with Edmonton and Calgary; designing and coordinating a major initiative to diversify Alberta’s economy.

Tyler Meredith, MPA

Founding Partner

Following seven intense years, ending as the lead economic policy advisor to Canada’s governing party, Tyler still firmly believes that public policy is about making life better for people.

Helping oversee Canada’s economic response to COVID-19, Tyler witnessed firsthand how solid non-partisan policy saved jobs, businesses, and lives during one of the most critical times in Canadian history. Tyler is intent on bringing the same strong policy acumen to supporting clients across Canada and creating superior policy-based solutions.

First enticed into political life in late 2015, Tyler was recruited from a think tank to advise Canada’s Prime Minister on domestic economic policy. Tyler then spent the next seven years in government because he knew there was no other job where he could impact so many people in so many positive ways in such a short period of time. Tyler helped deliver six federal budgets, held responsiblity for tax and financial sector policy, including all financial sector transaction reviews from 2019-2022, and architected two winning federal campaign platforms.

Along with his partner role at Meredith Boesskenkool, Tyler is also Fellow at University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, and Fellow at the Maytree Foundation. When not busy shaping policy, Tyler loves to experience the world and all it has to offer with his life partner Chris, and their chocolate lab Cole.

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Policy beyond partisanship

We translate our clients’ goals into priorities

Canada’s top policy experts are joining forces to build better solutions for their clients. Having worked on opposite sides of the political spectrum for years – the architects of nine winning Canadian campaign platforms – Tyler Meredith and Ken Boessenkool are putting partisanship aside to create an innovative policy-based public affairs firm. Their team have been integral advisors to Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau, three leading provincial premiers and six finance ministers. Now they’re offering this advanced expertise to clients.

When you need decision makers to take your issues seriously turn to Meredith & Boessenkool.

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Tyler Meredith

Founding Partner

Following seven intense years, ending as the lead economic policy advisor to Canada’s governing...

Ken Boessenkool

Founding Partner

A bold, intuitive thinker, policy shaper and prolific writer, Ken cofounded Meredith Boessenkool...

Nathan Rotman

Senior Advisor

A firm believer that you can’t solve a problem until you first define it and then get clarity on how...

Michael Landry

Senior Advisor

Taking people and organizations to heights they never thought possible is Michael’s superpower.

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